Mint Yoghurt

Mint-flavoured yoghurt is a great accompaniment to any spicy Indian meal.



  1. Tip the yoghurt into a mixing bowl, and stir with a fork until the texture becomes smooth and runny.
  2. Wash and loosely chop the mint leaves, fresher the better. Place the leaves in a mortar, and lightly bruise the leaves.
  3. Puncture the limes with a fork or knife, and set in a bowl. Microwave the limes for 20-30 seconds on high. This will help get more of the juice out of the limes.
  4. Add the cumin seeds and coriander to the mortar, and grind until the seeds are powdered. Add the mint, cumin and coriander mix to the yoghurt, and stir in.
  5. Juice the limes, adding about half a lime's worth of juice at a time to the yoghurt, stirring in until no juice remains on the surface of the yoghurt. Keep adding the lime juice to taste.
  6. Place the covered mixing bowl in the fridge for 30-90 minutes, during which the flavour of the coriander and mint will develop. Do not leave too much longer than this, as the yoghurt will lose its original kick.

Something else?

Looking for something else to have mint yoghurt with? Try making a Rogan Josh for dinner. Just a good amount of kick, and a scent that will fill the kitchen long after you've finished dinner..