Phased Audio Array

This script simulates both halves of a phased microphone array setup - it will both generate the at-microphone waveforms, and use phased array techniques, specifically delay-and-sum, to calculate the waveform from these microphone recordings at a given focus.

Example Output

You can compare the original inputs with the encoded and decoded waveforms produced by the script. In this image, you can see that the recordings at the microphones are skewed both back and forward in time due to their respective distances from the audio sources. Also, the "after decoding" waveform is fairly close to the original. It's not perfect, but it provides a much better result than the plain recordings at any one microphone.

Get the code

You can get the initial release of the code here. The code has been released under the BSD license.

You might also find the sample inputs a useful resource.

Contact Information

If you have any comments or queries, email me at phasedaudio at this.domain.org.

License Information

This code is released under the BSD license, as per the header comments.