FontPreview is a tool to generate web-accessible previews of a font collection. If run in a directory, it will generate a single image with certain preview text for each font, and also generate a HTML document that refers to all the preview images.

Why did you start this project?

This project was started to aid a friend performing some graphic design work - with a few hundred fonts, it becomes difficult to quickly pick the correct typeface, as most applications show a small preview, if they show a preview at all.

Example Output

FontPreview was run on Microsoft's Core Web Fonts collection, as packaged in Debian's msttcorefonts. The output of FontPreview on this set of fonts is available here.

Get FontPreview

You can get the initial release of FontPreview here. The download is about 2kb, and consists of a single PHP script. The tool requires the CLI version of PHP to be installed, and the PHP GD library to also be installed.

Supported Font Formats

Font support depends on your installed version of GD and FreeType, but TrueType and OpenType fonts with TrueType outlines should be supported. Only files with a .ttf extension are currently indexed by the tool, though.

Contact Information

If you have any comments or queries, email me at fontpreview at this.domain.org.

License Information

The set of scripts are released under the BSD license, as per the COPYRIGHT file included in the release.